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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an escape game ?

An escape game consists of, most of the time, getting away from a room in a limited period of time (generally one hour) and it is usually played in a group of several people. From two to five participants, players have to look for clues scattered in the room, and combine them together in order to progress in the riddle. The purpose is generally to leave the room. Since 2010, the life- size escape room concept is present in all the big french metropolises, and seduces more and more original activities.

How long is a game ?

The game lasts for a maximum of 60 minutes, preceded by 15 minutes of welcoming and debriefing after you got out. Plan 1h30 in total.

What is the minimum age to play ?

Our escape game doesn’t impose any age limit. We still recommend to be at least 10 years old or to be accompanied by an adult for the younger.

We are more than 5 players, how to do ?

Our room doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate more than 5 people. For exemple, if you are 8 participants, we advise you to make 2 groups and to book 2 successives slots to delight everyone.

What happened in case of delay ?

In case of delay, notify us as soon as possible, so that we can organize ourselves to make the best. We recommend you to arrive on time, or even earlier.

Does the game require a particular culture ?

No riddle ask to use your general knowledge. The game mobilizes mainly your logic, your creativity and especially your team spirit.

What forms of payment do you accept ?

We accept credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Blue Card) on our online booking website.

Will we be really locked up ?

The door through which you will enter will be closed and locked behind you to allow a full- imersion in the game. If one of the gamers panic, you will have the possibility to open the door thanks to the suspended key next to the door. Otherwise, the game master can act if necessary.

Are we filmed during the game ?

There is a camera in the escape game, but it isn’t recording.

What about the accessibility ?

Visually-impaired and hearing-impaired people will have some difficulties to resolve certain riddles. We recommend you to come accompanied in order to participate. Towards people with reduced mobility, unfortunately wheelchair users can’t participate (stairs). However, persons on crutches can play.

I am claustrophobic, can I play without risk ?

We recommend to persons suffering from claustrophobia to come to see us in advance. Thus, we will be able to judge together your capacity to face your fears.

I'm pregnant, can I play ?

Our game doesn’t include any physical tests or scary elements, you can participate to the game without any risk.