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Why ? For who ? For when ?


Tarif is always 55€ for a game, but it’s possible to add different options :

- To include a children’s birthday party with a homemade chocolate cake, candles, dishes,
beverages (Oasis, Coca, fruit juices and water) and a bag of candy for each person, add 40€
- To include a room rental for a children’s birthday party, add 10€ per hour.
- To include make-up workshop, it is 7€ per person.

Regarding the game, children up to 16 years old can play in group of 6. When older, we limit at 5 persons.

Bachelor / bachelorette party

For this very special day, we propose :

- After playing, snacks with crackers and beverages (without alcohol) are available for 20€ per group of 5.
- In addition to the game, you can create your own plush from 16€ per person.

If you’re too many, we advise you to make multiple teams which will go one after the other.

Team building & human resources

Entrepreneur or staff in search of an extraordinary experience or great fans of novelty, we offer the possibility to create your team building and your recruitment session with us

A monitor will be at your disposal to visualise teams in real-time.

For more information, please contact us.